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March 8, 2013
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Memory of Alessa Vest Progress by donttouchmymilk Memory of Alessa Vest Progress by donttouchmymilk
Now that Katsucon is over, it's time to begin my next project, Memory of Alessa from Silent Hill 3. I've wanted to tackle this one for a while, and was very excited to get started. First up is the vest. I worked on it all week, and am pretty happy with the results, although I may decide to add a little more blood to it later when all the costume pieces are finished and together.

This collage goes through the vest destruction progress. 0 is what it looked like in the beginning (besides that paint spot on the bottom. I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet when I got started). 1 is the base coat, 2 was layering the general mud and muck, 3 was the accent colors, and 4 was the blood. Does any of that make sense? I'm very tired.

I was a little sad to mess this thing up, because it was such a fun little vest. But oh well. ;) I used about 10 different things to alter the color and texture of this vest. Everything from paint, to coffee, to shoe polish. Needless to say, the smell is special.

Excited to start on the next piece. Haven't decided if it will be the boots or the skirt. We shall see....
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I love both!
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I'm guessing the smell must be special indeed, but at least the result is great. Memory of Alessa is a very interesting cosplay, I'll wait to see how you make her oufit and her make-up job
Thanks! I'm trying to make sure I put enough time and effort into each piece, so it doesn't look thrown together. Hopefully it will all work out. :)
Yesssss. This is good. I am excite.
Oh wow!!! It looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person. You are going to make an amazing Memory of Alessa! Def post more progress pics as you finish the other parts! :D
Thanks Jeremy!! That's so nice. I definitely will post more pictures as I finish the pieces. It's been very difficult not to flood my FB page with tons of pictures. Haha.
omg! this looks amazing! and.. so fun *__* you achieved a very realistic look without getting too overboard, great job! :love:
Thanks very much! I had a lot of fun putting this together. :)
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